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What the bloody hell is going on here?

It's horrible. I remember when...
23.10.08 21:54

Some people shouldn't be allowed the internet...

...or the technology to carry it about in their pocket. I had 20 minutes of my life stolen yesterday. Watching supposedly 'funny' videos that a work mate had uploaded onto his phone. If it wasn't rude to tell him to stop and put the phone away I'd have done it.
1.4.08 15:12


...is a bit like Twitter, you know a way to message (irritate?) a whole bunch of people via either IM, SMS, or the web interface. If you listen to all the Web 2.0 twaddle it's the way forward.

I quite like the occasional bleeps of my Twitter contacts letting me know what they up to and assume they don't mind my occasional Tweets (as they're called)

Spending far too much time on the interwebs and being the sort of person that will sign up for most free things, I've gone and got a account as well as my Twitter account. Twitter can just be signed up for, whilst at the moment you need an invite for Jaiku. I've got some Jaiku invites, if anyone wants one, drop my a message with an e-mail I can send it to. First come first served.

31.3.08 13:05

Reading. It's great.

I've had a bit of a blank with my reading recently. I've started a few books, but couldn't be bothered to get into them. Let alone finish them. I don't know what it was about the books. Nothing really, probably just my mood. I have to be in the mood for a certain book before I can get into it.

That's until I found out about the Tor/Forge Books Website and a promotion they've got at the moment. sign up for their News letter and they'll send you Free E-books. I've finished the first one, Old Man's War by John Scalzi and what a cracking read it was. A sort of cross between Heinlein's 'Starship Troopers' (You might have watched the film) and Joe Haldeman's 'The Forever War'. Both books I like. So I enjoyed 'Old Man's War'

The Next freebie was 'Spin' by Robert Charles Wilson which I'm also enjoying and have nearly finished.

The third freebie has arrived, I can't remember the name, but I'll load it onto my phone in a bit for when I finish 'Spin'.

Obviously 'There aint' no such thing as a free lunch' (TANSTAAFL) 'Old Man's War' is part of a trilogy, it works as a book in it's own right though. At the end of 'Spin' they give you a taste of the second book. Just to get you hooked good and proper. So it looks like I'll be keeping an eye out for the second and third parts of the Trilogy.

The freebie have also put John Scalzi's and Robert Charles Wilson's names in my head. If I see a book by them I'm more likely to check them out in the future, rather than wondering if they're any good as an author and is it worth throwing some money at them. I might even pop into a book shop and ask for them by name.

The best thing, about the books Tor are giving away is that they're not DRM'd. This means I can use them like a 'real' copy of the book. The other week when I went for a curry I was waxing lyrical about this great E-book I was reading and my pal asked me to beam it across to him to see if he'd like it as well. This is just like the 'olden days'

"Hey I've read this great book, do you want to borrow it?"

Only now I beam the file over. This is exactly how I found out which authors I enjoyed and bought more of their books.

16.3.08 21:51

To the Supermarket, with a shopping list. Turkey is made of string.

Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke , one of the great strategists of the latter half of the 1800s said:

"No battle plan survives contact with the enemy"

I say:

"No shopping list survives arrival at the supermarket"

I'd headed into town yesterday to stock up on supplies, with a list of stuff I needed/wanted so I could eat for the next few days & over the weekend.

I'm weak though, especially when it comes to reduced stuff. So added to the list was:

  1. A bag of Parsnips as I can't resist them roasted.
  2. Sausage meat, Mmm, add some herbs & things, turn it into patties, batter them then shallow fry them.
  3. Smoked salmon trimmings. Wow cheap salmon got even cheaper and I love smoked salmon. Looks like butties at some point. I just need to get some cream cheese.
  4. A Turkey drumstick, a Turkey drumstick that was bigger than some legs of lamb I've seen.

With hindsight, the last item was a mistake. I roasted it with the Parsnips and some Potatoes for my tea and it was probably one of the most disappointing things I've ever had. Anatomically, once cooked, it was like turkey flavoured string glued to a bone. Admittedly, I might not have cooked it that well, but...

I ate it anyway. with a firm note to self, never ever to pick one up again. The remains are now simmering away in a pan, to provide stock for tonights meal. A lentil & bacon stew/soup thing, based on a programme I heard on the radio the other day.

21.2.08 15:37

As the Motorhead T-shirt says...

...Merry Bastard Xmas. I'm off to eat and drink, 'til I can't eat or drink no more, and generally make like Father Jack. I will be smoking Senior Service and fat cigars.
I have Steak for my tea tonight. The Curry house is booked for tomorrow. Some other bugger cooks, some other bugger washes up. Then back to my pals for Port, Stilton, extra trippy dreams and liver damage.
What ever you get up to I Hope you all have a good one and a better New Year.
24.12.07 18:40

Old Skool Indy.

What seems a long time ago I toured with a band working on the lighting crew. My boss was the L.D. for the main band and owned the lighting company I worked for. I was second man on the rig, and as such I got to do lights for the support band. One of those was a band called 'Ned's Atomic Dustbin'

Tonight I've got my old job back. I'm lamping for them again. On their 20th Anniversary Xmas Bash. Bloodyhell it was a long time ago.

If you remember the band, maybe check out the live webcast. (3.50). If you're youthful enough not to remember the band. Maybe check them out anyway. See how Indy was done in the Olden Days.

Plus it'll be me making all the lights go flishy flashy.

21.12.07 13:47

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